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A Bridge Forward

Coaching to Rebuild "You"

Connection. Intent. Support.

Coaching from a Functional Medicine Perspective

Long-term illness can wear down the toughest and bravest of individuals and their caregivers. Symptoms become the every day reality, eclipsing a person's defining features. As a coach, we work together to create strategies to seize what you might have lost or find something new. You gain a nonjudgmental ally in your fight.

Our Philosophy

"As a state of mind or heart, compassion serves as a direct psychological cause for contentment, happiness, and joy. Many of the things we usually associate with a good life...actually result from living compassionately." - Lorne Ladner


Bring It Back to Center

Meditation Instruction

Meditation doesn't always have to mean sitting in a quiet room with your legs crossed and eyes closed. Trained under a Zen-ordained monk, meditation and mindfulness take on a refreshing approach in day-to-day life.

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What Drives Me

My struggle has always been my weight and digestive issues. When diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2012, I was unsuccessful in sticking to a diet that didn't leave me in discomfort. I turned towards Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in graduate school to help others. Ultimately my relentless pursuit of perfectionism culminated in extreme calorie restriction and harsh self-criticism. In 2017, with much help, I overcame the burden of my body shame and stepped back from acupuncture to pursue a different way of helping people that empowered their innate goodness. As a coach, I've given up unnecessary criticism and judgement to bring honest, client-focused care that does not minimize people. My hope is to work with your inner critic to see the justified beauty in you.

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