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What Can Coaching Do For You?

Coaching isn't just limited to health and wellness! If you've been seeking an ally in facing your issues and someone with a listening ear, my hope is you'll gift yourself a partner through the struggle.

Renewed Perspective


 Allowing you to be empowered on your journey

Authentic Discussion


We create a space for you to share exactly how you feel and where you feel stuck

Personalized Strategies


There is no "cookie-cutter" approach to any problem

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is health coaching?

Health coaches are allies to our clients that support them in pursuing health and life goals and achieving change based on their personalized goals. We can provide tools, resources, and a stable partner to rely on when illness or life gets in the way of those goals.

What do you specialize in?

My strengths primarily lie in re-framing, relaxation techniques, and pinpointing each individual's strengths. I believe that people all have fundamentally good qualities to rely on and we accentuate those in each session.

IBS, digestive issues, and managing diet with symptoms are all areas where I have my own personal health struggles and grown through.

What can coaching help with?

Coaching has been shown to help diabetics struggling to bring down their A1c and improve clients overall health perception. Health outcomes for clients working with health coaches are often better than those without. Whether it is a specific health-oriented goal or finding a way to improve your quality of life, a coach can serve as a way to develop the skills needed for these.

How is coaching different from counseling or a dietitian?

While creating a place of healthy, safe discussion about what a person might be struggling with, coaching doesn't delve deep into recovery from trauma or psychoanalyzing. A dietitian will work with you to pinpoint exactly what you might need and a health coach will encourage you to create strategies to follow that diet.

What  services do you offer?

I offer coaching in individualized sessions or group sessions! Coaching can be done for large groups of people looking to tackle problems from a new perspective or one-on-one to create a safe environment for listening to your challenges.

I also teach meditation and can join people on their daily walks or light exercise to relieve the burden of going it alone.

What does health coaching cost?

Individual sessions: $55.00/hr

Guided mediation: $35.00 per session

Coaching Packages:
1 month (4 visits) - $210.00
3 months (12 visits) - $600.00

Group Coaching:
(Pricing varies based on need)

Where are you located/how can we meet?

I operate in south Austin but am available throughout the city, state of Texas, and can even work with clients out of state or internationally. We are able to meet anywhere or visit via Zoom Video Communications or phone. 

A Short "Thank You"

If you've found yourself on this page and are still uncertain, that's okay! You have already taken a step into self-realization and a new way of being. I'd like to invite you to contact me for a free 30 minute consultation to see what we can do together and find the right structure for you. You are important and you matter despite what your illness or inner critic might have to say.

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